Project's objective

The aim of the project was the construction of an integrated management system Communes Mikołów District and the District Mikołów based land information system (GIS). Construction of the system consisted of:

  • Development of spatial information system, a system that allows officials for the processing of land information and decision making.
  • Feeding the system with synchronized data.
  • Purchase of computer equipment and the necessary equipment.
  • Building mechanisms for the exchange of data between the county and the municipalities.
  • Publishing selected data from the database of information about the area on the website.

The direct objective is to improve the management of county Mikołów county and municipalities by providing consistent and reliable information. The objective will be achieved through the implementation of an integrated information system based on the information about the area . Indicated above goal direct result of an identified lack of consistent and reliable information necessary for managing the district and county municipalities . The goal is consistent with the specific objective of Priority II. : Information Society ROP : Increase the number of public services electronically. According to detailing the ROP "A specific for this action is the creation of management support systems in public administration at the local, regional and supra . The main task of the projects is to ensure the safety of services, as well as the integration and standardization of existing and newly developed systems."