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Dostępne moduły

Spatial order

The module collects data and functionality associated with local land use plans.

The road network

As part of the module is conducted primarily - in accordance with the relevant rules - Registry municipal and county roads, records of traffic signs and traffic organization and a record of movies...

The hydrographic network

The module allows for the recording of standing water and flowing with the protected areas of activities of water companies and keeping records of water law permits

Environment protection

Environmental module collects a variety of data (in particular spatial characteristics) in the range of results "of state environmental monitoring", permits environmental and decisions,...

Nature and landscape protection

The module allows you to record keeping forms of nature and the records of applications and decisions concerning the removal of trees and shrubs.

Mining areas

The module allows you to maintain a database of górnicznych areas and mining areas, along with descriptions of objects and objects detailing the risk of surface and base of information about the...